Make a choice between three different facial treatments. Are you looking for a quick cleansing and a little relaxation? Then the 25-minute treatment is just the thing for you. First, your skin is cleansed with a cleansing milk and lotion, and then the dead skin cells are removed with a gentle peeling. In conclusion, a massage with a hydrating gel mask is scheduled. Three birds with one stone, because it not only acts as a mask and massage cream, but also as a day cream!

Up for a little extra? The 50-minute facial treatment starts in the same way as the previous one, but after the peeling this treatment has a different sequel. You will be massaged with a massage cream, your head enjoys a nurturing clay mask and simultaneously your head is massaged. We complete the treatment with a day cream.

Still not enough? The 80-minute treatment also includes an epilation of the eyebrows or upper lip, the removal of blackheads by means of a vapozone device, and an extra lengthy, relaxing massage of the face and head!